From US-based artist Micah Bazant: 

When I was in Palestine, I learned about the saber – the prickly pear/nopal cactus originally from Mexico - as a symbol of indigenous resilience and resistance. The saber are/were used as natural fences. I saw them growing up again where Israeli bulldozers had flattened entire towns - they’d show a ghost map of where Palestinian homes had been. I believe the terror and apartheid of zionism will end and free Palestine will rise, just like the beautiful saber.

If you didn’t know, LGBTQ comrades in Palestine continue to call on allies around the world to take stand in solidarity with Palestinians and pressure Israel to Stop its aggression on Gazan civilians, End its Occupation of Palestinian Land and End its Apartheid regime.
Here are some infographics with context from Visualizing Palestine.


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Happy World Book Day! (As if we need a special dayto love books, but let’s just go with it.) Celebrate with Maira Kalman’s illustrated wisdom. 

I saw Jefferson’s library at the LOC!! His books are split into three main categories: memory, reason, and imagination. 

Day drinkin’ at the lake

I decorated this one egg with sequins! Side note: chocolate peeps are cute but probably gross.

Gingerbread cookies!

Apple pie for Christmas Day

Pumpkin bread donuts!